Driving along the railroad, through fences and through Casper; Man arrested for eluding officers and numerous other charges

(Casper, Wyo.) - Last week, on Thursday April 21st, at approximately 11:50 pm Casper Police Officers responded to a call of a motor vehicle accident that occurred in the parking lot of the Loaf N Jug store at Centennial Court. Reports show that the vehicle that was struck belonged to a male. Dispatch advised officers that a male subject had ran into the vehicle. The male subject appeared to be either 'intoxicated' or 'high'. Reports show that the male was falling over at the steering wheel of the vehicle. It was reported that he failed to get out of the vehicle to exchange insurance information. Officers were advised that the male may have been driving a a brown colored Chevy truck, which was registered to another owner. Officers noted that he same vehicle had been reported stolen earlier during the day. While en route, officers were advised that the vehicle had again struck the same vehicle in the Loaf N Jug parking lot and was now traveling west on 15th street. Officers then began to investigate and learned that the vehicle was traveling on Wyoming BLVD near 15th street. As officers pursued the vehicle, it turned north on to County Club in a closed road construction area. Officers initiated their lights to issue a traffic stop. Reports continue to show that the vehicle continued and turned west onto 12th street. The driver, accelerated and drove into the east bound lane of travel and turned south onto Pennsylvania. The chase continued as the driver refused to stop at stop signs and driving in the turning lane, swerving to avoid oncoming traffic and appearing to attempt to strike multiple vehicle coming head on. The pursuit continued with more officers near Country Club and 15th and 12th streets. The chase led officers east through Casper to the downtown area, where the driver fled up onto the railroad tracks eastbound beside a moving train. ​Reports continue to show that the suspect vehicle then headed back to the roadways, crashing through fences, gates and continuing to head into oncoming traffic as he headed back south on Beverly before heading back on 12th street. Throughout the pursuit, the driver showed no regard for safety of citizens repeatedly swerving in and out of lanes of travel. ​Officers were able to make contact with the vehicle's tires with stop sticks on multiple occasions. Near east 21st street the driver drove through a roundabout at 21st and Waterford the wrong way before driving through another fence. Reports continue to show that the male then bailed out and jumped a fence, running back eastbound on 21st. Officers observed the male to be a white male in a gray shirt, and were unable to catch the suspect after combing the area with k-9 units. The vehicle was found to be the stolen vehicle from around 7:20 pm earlier in the day. Reports continue to show that on the morning of Friday, April 22nd at approximately 6:55 am officers were patrolling down east 12th street and Wyoming BLVD, intending to retrace the steps of the pursuit. The officers observed a white male in a gray long sleeve shirt, swaggering westbound on east 12th street. Officers noted that the male matched the description of the suspect. Officers then turned around and pulled up to the male, who ran north down Wyoming BLVD, jumping fences heading through backyards towards Cardiff Street. Officers then spoke with the male who reported that his truck had been stolen who reported to officers that at approximately 1:00 pm on Friday, he had received a call from a male, identified as William Kirkpatrick, who he knew and he stated that he had stolen his truck, apologizing for doing so. The vehicle owner was able to positively identify the suspect, William Kirkpatrick from the previous night's video footage and provided officers an address where Kirkpatrick was residing. Officers were also called to the to the area of 4th and McKinely in reference to damage caused by someone throwing a flashlight at it and hitting the door early Friday morning. Officers made contact with the RP who advised that he was driving southbound on McKinely and slowed down for a male subject in the roadway who appeared drunk, according to reports. The male subject threw something that hit the RP's driver's door then the suspect disappeared on the West side of the street. Officers found a small flashlight that had hit the vehicle. Officers then looked into a similar event that transpired later in the evening, according to reports. Officers would later locate Kirkpatrick near S. Jackson street, "swaying' dramatically and appearing to be severely intoxicated. He denied any involvement in the previous pursuit. Reports show that Kirkpatrick agreed to an interview with officers where he claimed that he, himself had reported his car stolen that day. He claimed that he had reported the theft to a 'detective' who he could not name, and claimed had had a business card from the 'detective'. Kirkpatrick stated that the mysterious detective had told him a truck had been stolen that same night from the same area. Officers located no such card. Officers took Kirkpatrick to WMC for medical clearance, where he continued to ramble and throw out obscenities at medical staff. After he was cleared, he was transported to NCDC, while en route he continued to reference his fictitious report of his car being stolen, claiming he had reported it to the FBI, specifically to an officer who drove a 'bad ass' black and white Dodge Charger. At the detention center, he was arrested and booked for numerous charges of vandalism and destruction of property, attempt to elude, aggravated assault, and larceny, disturbance, breach of peace and public intoxication. He will meet in court this afternoon for his initial appearance where his formal charges will be presented. #oilcity #news