Casper parent speaks out about suspicious subject around the school district

(Casper, Wyo.) - Last week, we reported that a nineteen-year-old male was arrested by the Casper Police Department for indecent exposure near a Natrona County School and near the Natrona County bus hub.Click to read the report . After the incident occurred, the mother of the child who reported the act, talked to her child about the dangers that were present in the situation and the mother talked to the teachers to make sure the students were aware of what had happened. We spoke with the mother, Amanda Huckabay, who commented: "I told my child not to share with her friends what happened, but to address the whole class and talk about what had happened. I spoke with my child's teachers who were not aware of what had occurred. I also spoke with the Principal of Park Elementary, and urged her to talk with all of her students about the dangers of suspicious suspects in the area and neighborhood and what they should do. I wanted the staff to empower these kids and for them to not be scared. The principal told me that she had been contacted by the Casper Police Department about a suspicious male in the area prior to the incident, and she had personally witnessed a male hanging around the school one morning. She took a profile picture of the suspect and the male ran away, officers at the time were not able to apprehend him. To me, this was something that parents should have been made aware of before this happened to my child." Huckabay went on to comment that situations do happen and nobody has control of them, but she felt that this situation could have been avoided had the parents been made aware of the possible dangers. "I would assume that the Casper Police Department had notified the school district, and I just don't understand why the message was not spread to parents. If it had been a weapon threat the schools would have gone into lockout or lock down. My concern is why was this information not shared?" Monday night at the Natrona County School Board meeting, Huckabay addressed school board members who she felt did not know or have any idea about the situation. "To me, it was a poor choice on the principal and the district to not notify parents and staff. We could have alleviated the problem. Sharing these dangers with parents would have put a thousand eyes on the situation and the area, and the suspect may have been located sooner. I just felt like this issue needed to be dealt with at a higher level," said Hukabay. This situation could have ended a lot worse, but Huckabay told us that she has spent some time educating her child about the dangers of suspicious men and women around schools. "My child is empowered and educated about these issues, because I have empowered her. A lot of parents may not talk to their kids about these situations." Natrona County School District shared this afternoon that they will continue to work closely with local law enforcement to implement safety practices and training in the future. This situation has given the district an opportunity to improve and review practices and protocols. Huckabay concluded, "My only hope is that some polices that get implemented and used to keep our kids safe." Tonight at 6:30 pm parents and school district members will be hosting a meeting at Park Elementary to look into what occurred and consider some solutions for the future. #oilcity #news #oilcity #news