It is just a part of Wyoming, it is what we do!

(Casper, Wyo.) - Sixty-eight bundled up boys and girls assisted with the Wyoming Game and Fish this morning, helping them to keep Wyoming waters full of worm eaters! ​The second graders of Oregon Trail Elementary have been studying the life-cycles of various creatures, according to second grade teacher Mr. Johnson. ​"Coming out here to help the game and fish is just a part of Wyoming, it is what we do here. We as educators think that it is important to get these kids out of the classroom so that they can learn about the world around them." The four classes of second graders joined Wyoming Game and Fish Culturist and State Fish Distributor Adam Leiferman, who brought 3,700 rainbow trout from the Dan Speas Fish Hatchery to Yessness Pond and to the Bryan Stock Trail Ponds. ​"I get to travel all around the state stocking fish. This truck here is one of three, this one, the #wyobow truck delivers rainbows, the #wyocutty brings Yellowstone cutthroats and the third, #wyofinn brings greylings. We love working to raise awareness of our fish stocking programs and getting to work with these kids is a bonus," said Leiferman. The kids remembered Adam from December trips to the hatchery and they learned this morning that the Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocks over 450 lakes in Wyoming and in a year, they stock over five million fish! ​Teachers who live by the term, "burn and learn," which means getting the kids outside to burn some energy while they learn, included Oregon Trail Elementary second grade teachers. ​After the kids helped to stock Yessness Pond with 750 "catch-able sized fish" they jumped back on the bus and headed to Bryan Stock Trail to stock another 3,000. #oilcity #news