Learn what fuels the Nicolaysen's curator

Eric Wimmer, curator at the Nicolaysen Art Museum, has been working as an artist since elementary school. He began his career at a young age when he entered a contest called ‘Illustrate your own book.’ He continued his passion through high school and college, with a specialization in photography. He obtained his Bachelors of Arts in History from the University of Montana and then majored in Art History at the University of Denver. He then took a job as a curator at the Wyoming Veteran’s Memorial Museum in Casper Wyoming before pursuing his artistic passion at the Nicolaysen Art Museum, or ‘the Nic’ as it is known for short. Wimmer’s work as a curator involves traveling and looking for artists to display at the Nicolaysen. The Nicolaysen specializes in art that is relevant to Wyoming and also the broader range of the Rocky Mountain area region. Wimmer also organizes and hosts many cultural events that are based out of the Museum. One of the larger ones is known as the ‘NicFest,’ which is an event that hosts local live musical performers, food, and many craft booths from local and regional artists. Wimmer also offers a variety of workshops and classes for both children and adults. Wimmer’s favorite event for children is the Homeschool Art Class, which is an art class for home school students,and his favorite workshops for adults are the various workshops in which adults can try their hands at a variety of art forms, such as painting and drawing. Locally, Wimmer’s favorite artists are Zak Pullen, an illustrator, and Chuck Kimmerle, a photographer. Wimmer is shown above next to one of Kimmerle’s photographs, which are currently on display in the Nicolaysen’s McMurray Gallery. Wimmer also has advice for aspiring artists. First of all, stay focused on the fundamentals. Do not neglect these and do not try to skip ahead. Secondly, start small and build your way up. Third, be patient and dedicated. Success will not come overnight. Fourth, art is as much about promotion as it is the art itself. Get out there, promote your work, and have a strong work ethic. Last, but in no way least, there is always room for improvement, and that is the case whether you are looking to succeed as an artist, or in any other field. #davis #oilcity #news