Man found buried in the mud after eluding Deputies near Highway 387

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - On Thursday, April 28th at approximately 1:13 pm Natrona County Deputies received a phone call from a male in Edgerton who reported two suspicious vehicles in Edgergton. A red pickup truck and a blue vehicle in the area, according to reports. Deputies responded to the area and saw the two vehicles leaving the area. Deputies initiated a traffic stop on the red truck and court records indicate that the vehicle was missing the front license plate and the rear plate was partially obscured. The vehicle pulled over and the Deputy approached the vehicle. The driver said he had lost his license and could not produce proof of insurance.The driver did identify himself to Deputies as Mike Caraveau. Deputies observed a six pack of beer on the front seat in the vehicle. Reports continue to show that the vehicle was registered to another male. While checking on Caraveau name, the CAD system showed that Mike Caraveau was deceased, according to reports. The Deputy returned to the vehicle and requested the driver shut off the vehicle.The driver then put the the vehicle in gear and sped off at a high rate of speed. The Deputy gave chase with his lights and sirens activated. The vehicle traveled west on County Road 117, failing to stop at a stop sign at Hwy 387 and Hwy 259. The pursuit continued along Hwy 387 and on to oilfield roads. The vehicle led the Deputy onto an oilfield road that dead ended at an un-named creek. Reports show that the driver exited the vehicle and ran northeast and crossed the creek. The driver also took two bottles of beer with him as he fled. The Deputy waited for backup and searched the area for the Caraveau. When back up arrived, they located the driver's footprints in the mud and followed them to a small ravine. As Deputies looked into the ravine, they saw the top of the driver's head sticking out of the mud. It was reported in court records that the male, was completely buried in the mud, with just the top of his head showing. The Deputy told him to get out of the ravine, and he then began to dig himself out. The driver freed himself and climbed out of the ravine. The driver then identified himself as Donald Glen Caraveau, his driver's license was suspended, and he had a felony warrant out of Campbell County for DWUI, interference with a peace officer, battery and probation violation. He was arrested and the recommended charges included interference w/PO, careless driving, failure to stop, eluding officers, driving while under suspension, no interlock device, and no insurance. He was then taken to the Natrona County Detention Center. #oilcity #news #county17