What are those thin black lines on our Casper streets!?!

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - Chances are, you have driven over them at least once or twice, but do you know what they are? Many people understand that they are counting cars, doing studies, checking speeds, but who is collecting the data and where does that data go? ​We wanted to know, so we contacted the City of Casper and spoke with City Engineer, Jason Knopp who filled us in on the thin black lines across our Casper streets. "Every year the City of Casper partners with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) as well as other towns in Natrona County and the Wyoming Department of Transportation. With MPO's help we track how traffic is distributed through town. We select certain roads to put out the traffic counters and we work to hit every road in Casper in a three years time," said Knopp. ​He continued to report that the traffic counters are two black tubes, and as a vehicle drives over them, they are able to get capture the weight of a vehicle and the speed, and the data is recorded as one vehicle. ​"Really, the whole process is about statistics and trends. We want to see which roads are getting the most use and we are able to track traffic flows." Knopp informed us that in February the traffic counters were out for a much larger traffic signal study to assess the stop lights along second street. The city is working to sync the traffic signals to increase traffic flow through town. "We will be presenting our findings to City Council during and upcoming work session," Knopp mentioned. He also mentioned that the city is currently operating a stoplight on flash mode up by Casper College. The stoplight along Casper Mountain Road and College Drive, is being tested. Knopp continued, "From our studies we have learned, as well as spoken with Casper College, and we seem to be seeing that traffic seems to flow better without the stoplight at that location. We may work towards removing that stoplight entirely in the future." To learn more about the traffic counters around town, or the traffic studies being conducted, please contact the City of Casper Engineering Division at (307)235-8341. #oilcity #news