Casper is home to a budding historical fiction writer

Casper woman Helen Davis published her first novel last fall, and its the first of a series: Cleopatra Unconquered. The book was six years in the making when it was published last December by Savant Books and Publications. "This trilogy imagines how history would have been different if Marc Antony did not lose at the Battle of Actium, which was an important naval battle in the first century B.C.; if Cleopatra, the wife of Marc Antony, did not commit suicide after his loss; and how the history of Egypt, and therefore, the entire Middle East, would have gone if this had taken place," Davis said. Books two and three are expected to be titled Cleopatra Victorious and Cleopatra Magnifica. Davis, originally from Ohio, moved to Casper in 2010. She likes to focus her writing about historical women whom she feels have been wronged by the victors. "Cleopatra's story has been sensationalized to the point where she is has become as much legend and myth as history," says Davis. Helen recently returned from a trip to the Holy Land to complete research for her sequel. "I was not in Egypt, but there is a lot of overlap in the history of the entire area," she said. "It was really intriguing to learn about another culture. I was amazed at the diversity there, all the wide ranges of people from all walks of life. It's a melting pot that makes ours in the US look like nothing." The first of the series is available on Amazon. #oilcity #news