Star Wars, May the Fourth, and the library

Nathan McGregor, the community relations coordinator at Natrona County Public Library, is a huge Star Wars fan, somewhat appropriate as he shares his last name with Ewan McGregor, a Scottish actor famous for playing the iconic character Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars Prequels. It was the first of the famous prequel trilogy, StarWars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, that began McGregor’s long interest in the series. His mother took him to the theater to see this film at age 11 due to McGregor’s interest in science and astronomy. Ironically, The Phantom Menace is considered one of the worst in the Star Wars saga, according to many fans. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, which was screened yesterday at Natrona County Public Library, also has somewhat of a mixed reception among fans. Some love it, other hate it. McGregor hopes that events hosted by the Natrona County Public Library, such as ‘May The Fourth be With You,’ will give Casper good opportunities for enjoyment, a break from life’s struggles, and a chance to connect with other fans of the series. McGregor states he believes many themes in the Star Wars saga speak to the human psyche. First and foremost, when asked why StarWars is so popular, McGregor spoke of the multigenerational aspect. No other fandom has even come close, according to McGregor. Second, Star Wars speaks to the imagination aspect of the human soul and the desire to escape. Third, Star Wars speaks on themes such as good vs evil and redemption. For example, the first six films in the saga are just as much about the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, and his return to grace and good at the very end of the sixth film, Return of the Jedi. Anakin is one of McGregor’s favorite characters in the saga. His other is Qui-Gon-Jinn, the Jedi Master from EpisodeI. McGregor is shown above next to a cardboard cutout of Darth Vader. One of McGregor’s favorite quotes from this character is ‘be mindful of the future, but not at the expense of the present.’ #davis #oilcity #news