WGFD brings 76k catfish to Wyoming waters

(Wyoming) - Who is ready for some 'noodling' in Wyoming, well maybe not noodling, but catching some Arkansas grown catfish sounds like a great treat! Today the Wyoming Game and Fish-Fishery Biologists and Culturists came together at the Wyoming Department of Transportation port of entry in Casper to distribute 76,000 catfish that Wyoming gained in a trade with Arkansas. Fish Biologist from the Casper Region, Matt Hahn commented, "We traded 14,000 fingerlings and 10,000 catch-able rainbow trouts from the Dan Speas Fish Hatchery for the catfish. The fish were divided into two of our fish tandem trucks and brought back to Wyoming during the past few days." Fish Culturists, William Stutz, reported that the catfish will be divided up and transported to various lakes and ponds around Wyoming including: - 3,000 to Beck Lake near Cody. - 400 to Lucky Pond in Lander. - North Platte Ponds near Glendo. - Texico Reservoir. - Glendo Ponds. - J Bar U access pond. - Glendo Wetlands. - 1,500 to Black Elk Geneva. - 2,500 to Sloanes Pond near Cheyenne. "We have had this planned over the past two to three years and it's great when or fisheries from around the state can come together to distribute the fish," said Culturist Stutz. The catfish were about six inches long and the Game and Fish are hopeful they will grow to catch-able sizes in Wyoming waters. See some of the catfish below and happy fishing Wyoming! #oilcity #news #county17 #county10 #shortgo #dally #reboot