5 things you don't need, but have to have at the Casper Fire Garage Sale

(Casper, Wyo.)- Have you made it to the fire station today for lunch and to check out all the goods at the benefit garage sale at Fire Station 3 today? We found 5 things at the sale that you really don't need but have to have, see some of the gems below: 1. Johnny 'Football' Manziel football figurine! Might be worth some money if he ever gets back into the NFL! 2. Star Wars Puzzle a colt classic and May the Force help you to complete it! 3. A Wyoming favorite filmed at Hell's Half Acre Starship Troopers! A classic VHS tape too makes for a bonus deal! 4. A Dragon Wrench! Shut up and take my money! 5. Wyoming Art, Yes! Happy hunting Casper all proceeds are going to help Fire Captain Mike Trott sale goes until 4:30 pm today. #oilcity #news