Casper painter shares her influences and talks about the OC's art community

Casper artist and art history Maria Rose Wimmer has ‘felt the call’ to be an artist from a very young age, and today she puts her skills to work right here in central Wyoming. Wimmer is primarily a painter and works in oil, acrylic, acrylic ink and gouache, which is a form of opaque watercolor. Maria Rose’s website,, showcases many of her works. She currently has work on exhibit at the Ucross Foundation up through June 10, 2016. The gallery exhibition is entitled (We)st and it is a two person show with her husband, E.K. Wimmer. As for her creative process, she is inspired by anything and everything. Sometimes a sound, an idea, or a scent; other times a memory or the way the air feels. Or a book or a work of art. “Inspiration is everywhere if you are looking for it,” says Wimmer. It was her high school art teacher Michael Copeland who influenced her to pursue the arts on a professional level. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts in History from the University of Montana and Masters of Arts in Art History from the University of Denver. When questioned on favorite artists, Wimmer states it is completely impossible to choose a favorite, however, she testifies to two artists who truly speak to her heart. Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch post-impressionist painter, Wimmer sites as being influential. She states his letters to hi sbrother, Theo, his tragic story and gentle heart have always touched her. More recently, Wimmer has been drawn to Frida Kahlo, a legendary Mexican painter best known for her self-portraits. She said she likes Casper because it is a great community for “nurturing creatives of all stages.” Between the Nicolaysen Art Museum, Scarlow's, and Art 321, there are classes and opportunities from preschool through all stages of life. This is a great and growing art community. #davis #oilcity #news