#headup: 5 seasonal safety tips from the Casper Police Department

(Casper, Wyo.) - Forget the rain. Spring is here this week and we are hopeful that the sun will continue to shine throughout the summer in the Oil City. Many residents are now dusting off their bikes and running shoes and hitting the pavement to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The Casper Police Department wants to ensure that residents are safe this Spring and Summer, and Casper Police Sergeant Mike Ogden shared a few safety tips for outdoor recreating around the community. 1. Parents need to know where their kids are and know who they are spending their time with. CPD encourages parents to talk to their children about the dangers of talking with strangers and being aware of scary situations. 2. Remember to always lock your car and house doors and to roll windows up to avoid theft. 3. Walk, bike or hike with a buddy. Always bring a friend for company and to alleviate possible dangers. 4. We encourage everybody to be aware of their surroundings and pay attention to what is happening around them. If something looks out of place or something looks suspicious it probably is. 5. If you do see something or someone who looks suspicious in your neighborhood, please contact the Casper Police Department, we cannot help if we do not know what is happening. Call 911 or our non-emergent number to report something unusual (307) 235-8278. "The biggest thing to me is for people to be aware of their surrounding and things happening in their neighborhood. Notify law enforcement right away if you see something or someone suspicious in your area. The sooner we know the better," concluded Sgt. Ogden. To learn more about neighborhood safety visit the National Crime Prevention Council website or contact the Casper Police Department at (307)235-8278. [image: fd9f0d43-8f44-4131-9175-ebd6742eb241 2.png] *Feature photo via / Pitchengine Communities* #oilcity #headsup #news