Startup to Expansion; World Class Autos

*(Casper, Wyo.) -* "I seem to always find a fault in somebody, but I have yet to find one in him. He has given to this community and continues to give," commented World Class Autos' General Manager, Pat Delashmutt, when asked about his friend and owner of World Class Autos, Chuck Adkins. Adkins and Delashmutt explained how World Class Autos began and what they offer to the Natrona County community. Kicking off in June of 2015, the local dealership took about three months to get off the ground. Adkins and his team had some big shoes to fill, as they gained the corner location of Milo's Truck and Trailer Sales, which had held the spot for "forty plus years," explained Adkins. He continued, "I had no intention of starting a car business, I have spent many years in real estate development, but the car business just kind of fell into place. I have always had an interest in cars, and I felt Casper and Natrona County had room for another good, quality, honest dealership." Adkins wanted to build the car business just as he has his real estate business, never putting the business or money first, but rather being there for the people; his employees, their families; and their customers. He continued to state that it is a team effort to appease the customers. With a qualified team that has worked in the car business for their entire careers, Adkins is confident in his employees. "They love working here, it is much different from a big dealership, and they have the ability to set fair prices and work with each customer as an individual," said Adkins. World Class Autos is not only in Natrona County, but they also have another branch location in Rock Springs. "At both locations, we work to keep about a 100 vehicles in stock at all times," said Adkins. "We are not at these locations to make huge profits, but rather to make fair profits on the vehicles we have available." Under the management of Brent Lloyd, who has been in the car business for twenty-five years, they are always willing to swap vehicles from the locations for a customer. "If you see something in Rock Springs that your interested in, we have no problem swapping vehicles and getting it to you. We have two locations under one umbrella," explained Adkins. General Manager of the Natrona County lot, Delashmutt commented, "Everyone who comes to World Class Autos, we treat them the same. Whether they pull up in a new Cadillac or an old vehicle. There are no judgments here." "Our goal is to sell quality, affordable, used vehicles for a fair price. That is who we are and what we will always do," stated Adkins. To learn more about World Class Auto, or to see their line up of used vehicles, please visit their website at or contact them at 307-337-1561. Connect with World Class Autos on Facebook ! #sponsored #oilcity #news #wcautos