Vehicle and trailer fire leads to NCSO burglary arrest

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - On Monday, May 9th at approximately 7:27 am Natrona County Sheriff's Office Deputies and local fire crews were requested to 6299 W. Old Yellowstone Highway for a report of a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, deputies were able to determine that the business building, where the vehicle fire was, had been broken into. The vehicle fire was extinguished and the robbery was then looked into, according to reports. The building contained several offices and reports show that deputies and fire personnel had to cut a chain to gain access to a Winnebago style camper that was also on fire near the building. It was then discovered that a separate trailer had been broken into. At approximately 8:00 am NCSO investigators took pictures of the trailer that had been burglarized, and at 9:30 am, reports show that a male subject was found inside one of the camper trailers. The male was identified as thirty-four-year-old Darren Thunehorst. Investigators noted several sheathed fixed blade knives attached to the belt of Thunehorst on his hip. For the safety of Thunehrost and law enforcement, he was placed in handcuffs. NCSO noted personal property as well as removable flash drives and oilfield tools in Thunehorst possession. Investigators also spoke with the owner of the trailer, who reported that the knives that Thunehorst had were his and had been stolen by Thunehorst. Deputies spoke with Thunehorst who reported in court records that he had been at Rack's Gentleman's Club consuming a large amount of alcoholic beverages and he also admitted to deputies that he had smoked some marijuana. Thunehorst first claimed that the items were stolen by a "Richard" then recanted that he took the items. He was then arrested and charged with two counts of burglary. #oilcity #news