Longmire author has two more books on the way, he tells Casper

Craig Johnson, a New York Times bestselling author, visited Casper yesterday, May 12, 2016, both at The Knowledge Nook and at the Natrona County Public Library. Johnson is the author of the well known Walt Longmire books, a series of mystery novels set in Wyoming, the first of which, “The Cold Dish” was released in 2004. This series of mystery novels follows the adventures of Walt Longmire, who has been the Sheriff of Absaroka county for 24 years. Subsequent Walt Longmire novels include “Death Without Company,” “Kindness Goes Unpunished,” “Another Man’s Moccasins,” “The Dark Horse,” “Hell is Empty,” “As the Crow Flies,” “A Serpent’s Tooth,” “Spirit of Steamboat,” “Any Other Name,” and “Dry Bones.” Johnson gave a personable and lively talk in the Crawford Room yesterday evening. A personable and friendly man in a cowboy hat and outfit, Johnson read from his newest book "The Highwayman," which contains a vivid description of Wind River Canyon near Thermopolis. Johnson also spoke a bit of the Longmire series, which premiered on A&E on June 3, 2012. Johnson shared an interesting story about finding an actor to play Walt Longmire and in which he finally settled upon Robert Taylor. It was taken off A & E and moved later to Netflix. Johnson explains that there are vast differences between the TV series and the books, and he recommends both to read the books and watch the series for maximal enjoyment. [image: craiglibraryreading.JPG] In regards to local and statewide events relating to the series, Johnson mentioned Longmire Days, an event that takes place in Buffalo this coming summer on the weekend of July 8th through the 10th. Further information can be found at With regard to recent novels written by Johnson, he gave some information about his newest book, “The Highway Man.” This is not a novel but more of a novella. His next book will be set in Hulette, Wyoming, and will be entitled “An Obvious Fact,” which is derived from a quote by the famous mystery series Sherlock Holmes. After this, Johnson plans to release “The Western Star,” set in Douglas. *featured photo: Johnson with the author at The Knowledge Nook.* #davis #oilcity #news