A trip to the morgue; Roosevelt High School students enhance forensics studies

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - Friday the 13th, a group of Forensics Science students from Roosevelt High School gained a great education while visiting the Natrona County Coroner and Morgue. Students got to pick the brain of NC Coroner Connie Jacobson and see what takes place at the coroner's office. ​"Definitely not the smell but I did learn a lot, I didn't know that the autopsy wasn't done in house. And second, I wasn't aware that they carried the bodies themselves for transportation. How stressful would that be if it wound up being someone you knew? Overall, I definitely enjoyed it. It was fun to hear hear (Jacobson) talk about what she has to-do with the organ donor bodies," said Junior student Christyonna Martinez. "As an organ and tissue donor, I was surprised to learn that the process can take place in several facilities depending on the type of donation. I appreciate any time passion is what drives a person to make a difference in this world. To learn that being a coroner had been a life long career path for her was quite admirable. She not only plays a huge role in bringing closure to family and friends of the individuals in her care, she shares tears with them. Its a profession that must take a tremendous amount of courage, responsibility, and heart, to say the least. I've lost more than a handful of loved ones. I've been a home health and hospice caregiver for years and this was one aspect I've never seen before. This field trip was a piece of a puzzle I believe I needed. I'm always thankful for the opportunity to learn a little more about something I am also very passionate about," said Chaperon Natalie Brooks. Senior student Taylor Wilcox commented, "My favorite part was the old freezer for the body's beside the driver and I learned that a body freezes at 17 degrees, and that there's only two coroners in Natrona County." ​​​ Photos: h/t Réne Grogan/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news