Enzi: Wyoming supports coal, and coal supports Wyoming

(Wyoming) - Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi addressed a room full of Wyomingites who elected to attend the 2016 federal coal scoping meeting put on by the Wyoming BLM. This is the first public scoping meeting of many across the nation today. Senator Mike Enzi thanked all who attended and those who came to share their thoughts. "There is nobody better suited to speak on coal then the people here today," said Senator Enzi. "Wyoming is the largest coal producer in the nation and Wyoming has long relied on coal and natural resources. We know how precious our lands are, but that has been losted to those in Washington. Many people have shared stories with me and I will continue to share these stories with my fellow Senators." He continued, "Today we will show how much Wyoming values coal and show the nation how much we need it. Instead of running away from coal, we need to run on coal." Enzi went on to express that his fellow Wyoming legislators are working on putting more coal meetings in Gillette and Rock Springs in the near future. "Wyoming supports coal, and coal supports Wyoming, " Enzi concluded. #oilcity #news #county17 #springcity #buckrail #shortgo #dally #reboot #county10 #bootstrapped