Casper man pleads not guilty to numerous charges for allegedly using his children to get prescription drugs

(Casper, Wyo.) -Forty-four-year-old Casper man Anthony Silveira plead not guilty to sixteen counts of possession of controlled substances, five of them felonies and three counts of child endangering, misdemeanors. Court records indicate that in December of 2015 Casper Police Officers received information from a court order for protection and pharmacy documents indicating prescriptions for Carisoprodol 350 mg and Acetaminophen-Codeine Phosphate 300-30 mg had been filed in a juvenile's name. The reporting party was informed that the prescriptions were filled for children when they were pulled out of school on several occasions from Feb. though Nov. 2015 by their father. The kids were then taken to Insta Care by their father, Anthony Silveira. Court records continue to show the dates when prescriptions were filled by Silveira for the children from Feb. 2015-Nov. 2015. In Dec. officers conducted interviews with the children involved. All of the children explained that on several occasions they had been taken out of school and taken to Insta Care for doctor's appointments where they were unaware of the appointments and told to act like they had been injured, according to court records. Reports continue to show that the children informed officers that they had not received any of the prescriptions and had seen empty pill bottles in Silveira's truck with labels ripped off. On Feb. 10th officers spoke with Silveira who stated that he had taken the kids out of school on several occasions and taken them to Insta Care because it was easier to get them in. He told officers, he would get the prescriptions filled and keep them in his truck for a few days and let the kids take them when they needed them. He told officers that when the children did not not them, he would throw the medications away, according to court records. Reports continue to show that when Silveira was asked about why some of the prescriptions were filled for the children, he stated he did not know and requested an attorney. #oilcity #news