After 26 years in law enforcement Casper Police Captain Freel ready to start the next chapter

(Casper, Wyo.) - As a Casper native, forty-six year old Steve Freel has spent half of his life working in local law enforcement. Casper Police Captain Freel spent six years with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office as a deputy, then worked on the Central Drug Enforcement Team with the Division of Criminal Investigations before joining the Casper Police force and moving up the ranks to Captain. *​Photo: h/t Tim Kupsick/Pitchengine Communities * "Everything from homicides, a death penalty case to putting away sexual predators, I feel that I have done a lot during my twenty-six years of service. Every case I have worked has been unique. Every call we take, takes a unique approach and I have always gone in with the mindset of helping someone out," commented Captain Freel. Freel has announced that he is stepping down as Captain, and is set to retire. "If I could do this for the rest of my life I would, " he commented, "but I am at a point in my life that I am ready to look at some other opportunities away from law enforcement. It is just time to move on." The Captain now looks to get involved in the business sector of Casper and do a bit of work in real estate. "I have no doubt that the Casper Police Department will continue to take care of each other, as well as the community. Our officers have the drive to do what is right and they give one hundred percent everyday. I will miss a lot of people here, but you just know and this is the best time," Freel commented. ​ One of his proudest moments as an officer was in 1999 as he worked the case of Lindsey Reeves. It was later learned that Reeves, as a local soccer coach, had been abusing young athletes and manufacturing child porn. Freel worked to arrest him and the investigation led to more arrests in a child pornography ring and taking out child pornography websites. "We kind of beat the criminals at their own game with this case, something I will always be proud of." He continued to reflect on his career, "We as officers of the law, we cannot do our jobs without the communities' involvement. We work to get any and all information out to the public, and this community has been vital to helping us with investigations." Freel went on to provide some advice for young officers just starting their careers in law enforcement, "To me, coming into this job, a person must have a strong mindset and understand that the person you are, may not be the same person tomorrow. You will see life changing events, some good and some bad. The best thing you can do is adapt to the changes. I have always tried to have friends outside of law enforcement and left my work at home." "I feel that if a person comes into this career, the best way to present yourself is to hold onto three things that I took from previous police Chief Walsh; Work to handle a situation legally, morally and ethical, and you can never go wrong." Captain Freel concluded, "I am looking forward to getting back to just being a citizen again." The Captain did not state when his last day would be, but we thank him for his service to the Casper and Natrona County community. #oilcity #news