Casper man arrested for aggravated burglary and auto burglary at Washington Park

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Monday, May 23rd at approximately 10:22 pm Casper Police officers were dispatched for a report of an auto burglary in progress at Washington Park in Casper. Officers were notified while responding to the call that two men were fighting on the ground in the area. Court records indicate that upon arrival, officers observed two men wrestling on the ground near the park pool. As officers approached, one male squirmed away and began to run South. One of the officers pursued and court records show that the officer tackled the male after yelling verbal commands to him to stop. Officers handcuffed the male and he refused to identify himself. Reports also show that the male was searched and officers located a 'plethora' of items commonly stored in vehicles or items that seemed strange for someone to carry. Officers also found a woman's purse strung around the male's neck and two men's wallets in his back pocket. The man was later identified as, Brandtly Bedsaul and he was placed in a patrol car while officers continued to investigate the scene and they checked on the other male who with medical staff. Officers would later speak with the reporting party who stated he and the other man drove separate vehicles to the park for a walk then returned to their vehicles. The men looked inside one of the vehicles and found that it had been rifled through. They checked the other vehicle and the driver's side front window had been broken out. They opened the door and found Bedsaul lying down in the backseat attempting to hide. Reports show that officers spoke with the other man involved, who shared a similar story, and stated that Bedsaul pulled out a knife and the two ended up on the ground in a fight. Officers located the knife in the area that was described and it was logged into evidence. They also learned that Bedsaul was currently on probation and he was transported to Natrona County Detention Center where reports show that he continued to be un-compliant. He was arrested and charged with auto burglary, aggravated burglary and interference with a peace officer. #oilcity #news