10 Survival Facts from the Natrona County Sheriff's Office

(Natrona County, Wyo. ) - Whether you are heading out for that family Memorial Day camp trip or preparing for the zombie apocalypse to hit Wyoming, you should always be ready and equipped with some survival tips. The Natrona County Sheriff's Office provided 10 helpful survival tips for you to use while out in your Wyoming adventures: 1. Caught in a lightning storm, every five seconds represents a mile. When you see the flash, count the seconds until you hear thunder. Then you divide the total number of seconds by five. This is the distance of the storm in miles. 2. Eating snow can lower your body temperature and increase the risk of hypothermia. Melt the snow or ice first and then drink the water. 3. Dressing in neutral, earthy tones may make you less visible to your friends, but not to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, choose light colors when our in the wild. 4. Cattail fluff makes an excellent fire starter, if dry. It can also be eaten from root to tip! 5. Always boil water from streams, creeks, lakes and ponds first before drinking. 6. Most common weeds are edible and especially those found in lawns such as dandelions, plantain and purslane. It is always a good idea to know which which weeds that can be eaten, and which cannot. 7. Never rub any area affected by frostbite. Frozen skin must be brought back to room temperature slowly and gently to prevent damage. 8. Many people become disorientated and confused when lost in the woods. Moving around and trying to find your way back to your vehicle if lost can make it difficult for people to find you. Stay put and find a way to let people know where you are. 9. While taking off your hat might feel good if you are too warm, too much heat escapes from your head. Keep your hat on and shed a layer of clothing instead. 10. While you may be able to survive for three weeks to a month without food, you can only survive a few days at most without water. Always find a water source that is safe to drink after boiling to stay alive. Contact the Natrona County Sheriff's Office with any questions about Summer survival and safety tips. #oilcity #news