5 Ways to enjoy Memorial Day weekend around Natrona County

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - Looking to get away this Memorial Day weekend? There are many places to go and things to do around Natrona County to help you enjoy your family and remember Memorial Day as a day to remember those who have fought for our American freedom. Many will pack up and head out to Alcova Lake or Pathfinder for some fishing and fun, but what about the other hot spots around Natrona County to get away? We rounded up five local spots to hit up this weekend, where you can maybe escape the crowds: 1. Edness Kimball State Park. Just a few miles East of Casper a great place to fish, BBQ and swim with a big Bison for kids to play on! ​*h/t Marty Wood/Pitchengine Communities* 2. Ayers Natural Bridge is only forty minutes away from the Oil City and offers visitors a unique look at the Natural Bridge, picnic tables, fishing holes and more! ​*h/t Debbi Shutts-Wood/Pitchenigne Communities * 3. For about an hours drive from Casper, you will find yourself at Glendo Reservoir and State Park. A great place for some boating, jet skiing and fun! ​*h/t : Scott Gallinger/Pitchengine Communities * 4. Casper Mountain, Muddy Mountain, Beartrap Meadow and more! Great places to pop that tent! ​*h/t Zach Heidrich/Pitchengine Communities * 5. We cannot forget about the Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery in Evansville. For over a decade, volunteers have been placing flags in front of the hundreds of graves at the cemetery, this will again happen on Monday followed by a Memorial Day service at the Oregon Trail State Veterans chapel. ​*h/t Tim Kupsick/Pitchengine Communities * Let's not forget what the true meaning of Memorial Day is this weekend Casper, please enjoy responsibly and have fun with your loved ones! Feature Photo: h/t Tim Kupsick/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news