Waters of Natrona County set to increase this weekend into next week

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and many are packing up the boats and campers for a weekend away at Alcova and Pathfinder. Natrona County Emergency Manager, Stew Anderson, reported this morning that staff expects the dams of Alcova and Pathfinder to overflow this weekend and spill over. "We just want to encourage everybody to be aware of this, and for them to be aware of the slick rocks in the area and to not get too close. We want everyone to stay on designated paths and not get too close to the spillways," urged Anderson. He also reported that the North Platte River, which is running currently at about 4,00 cubic feet per second (CFS), will be increased next week to around 7,500 CFS. "We want people to be aware that the river will be moving very fast and that the waters are still very cold. Some of the water may be running onto the walking paths, which we do not consider flooding. There may be crews out setting up sand bags in the areas to protect homes. In 2011, the river was flowing at 8,000 CFS and that was when we had flooding issues. " Anderson reported that emergency management staff will continue to monitor the river as well as the two lakes and work to keep the public updated. #oilcity #news