Weekend arrests around Natrona County

(Casper, Wyo.) - Here is a recap of law enforcement arrests from around Natrona County over the weekend. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Natrona County District Attorney's Office. *Arrests:* *Casper Police Department* Taylor A Beck, Casper, failure to comply. Haunna S Bennett, interference w/PO. Garrett R Blanchard, Casper, failure to comply. Michael E Brown, two failure to appears. Male Juvenile Offender, failure to appear, county warrant/hold for agency. Stacy R Clark, Casper, public intoxication. Edward H Coleman, Casper, public intoxication. Ronald L Condelario, Casper, DWUI. Daneil L Cooley, Casper, public intoxication. Troy R Cooper, Casper, possession of controlled substance. David M Criss, Casper, failure to comply. Michael E Croley, Casper, suspended/revoked DL. Joshua C Crook, Casper, failure to appear. Cory L Denny, Casper, reckless endangering. Russell L Frerichs, Natrona County, DWUI, suspended/revoked DL, no insurance, speeding. Carlos H Gonzales, Casper, public intoxication. Jackie L Graham, Casper, NCIC Hit, conspiracy, possession of controlled substances. Michael P Hanser, Casper, domestic battery, interference w/PO. Christina J Ingram, Casper, failure to appear. Joshua T Jenkins, Casper, failure to comply. Jermin F Knox, Casper, suspended/revoked DL, no insurance. William J Lawrence, Casper, hold for probation and parole. Devon M Lorenzen, Casper, possession of controlled substance. Drew W Marrero, Casper, Criminal Warrant, possession of controlled substance. Jose R Mcalpin, Casper, failure to comply, failure to appear. Joseph A Mendez, Casper, two failure to complies. Christine M Meyer, Casper, DWUI. Charles M Nalborne, Casper, possession of controlled substances, attempt/conspire. Jesus F Rodriquez, Riverton, robbery. Mathew M Schmidt, Casper, Criminal trespass, possession of controlled substance. Joshua R Trumbull, Casper, shoplifting, possession of controlled substance, interference w/PO. Carolyn A Vigil, Casper, failure to comply. Jerome J Whitewolf, Casper, failure to appear. Nykomia S Whiting, Casper, failure to comply. Stacey R Williams, Casper, DWUI. *Natrona County Sheriff's Office* Brandon Jenkins, hold for CAC. Terry G Pendergraft, DWUI, open container, possession of controlled substance. Kail L Jenkins, DWUS, interference w/PO. Christopher E Aars, serve jail time. *Wyoming Highway Patrol* Ricky J Whited, DWUI, open container, possession of controlled substance. Christopher S King, possession of controlled substance, county warrant/hold for agency. Mark D Reese, DWUI, texting while driving, no seat belt. Keith L Thomas, DWUI, no seat belt, possession of controlled substance. *Mills Police Department* Suzanne Y Thornton, failure to comply. James W Reynolds, DWUI. #oilcity #news