Coleman Construction waiting for conditions to dry up to resume work on biathlon range

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - Following a wet Spring, the newest addition to the mountain, the Casper Biathlon Club's Course, has suffered from the sloppy conditions. Previously reported, the North Under Pass structure of the course showed some damage to the wing walls and Natrona County Parks Director, Dick O'Hearn reported, "The structure is sturdy, it is just one of the wing walls that has been pulled away from its hinges. Coleman Construction is still completing the work up there, and ultimately they are in charge of it. They have blocked off the underpass with caution tape and once the snow melts they will come in with some repair strategies. " On Tuesday, May 31st, O'Hern addressed the issue again, as more damage was noted on the wing walls, and commented, "I think Coleman just further secured the failed wing walls to ‘protect the public’. The yellow caution tape was deemed insufficient." Cathy Rosser, Casper Mountain Biathlon Managing Director commented about the damge, "The area or the bridges have absolutely not been condemned, my understanding is that the bridge is not in danger of collapsing." Rosser continued to report that on May 25th Wayne Coleman Construction (WCCI) placed sump pumps to drain water out from under the bridge and worked on drainage. Once the area is dry enough, they will begin work on repairing the logs and finishing out Phase 1. O'Hern and Rosser both stated that WCCI has not been able to resume work at the site due to snow and mud and they will return once the job site dries up sufficiently to support heavy equipment. "Everyone involved in the project has a sense of urgency to complete repairs as well as phase one, the team has just been in a holding pattern waiting for the site to become workable," said Rosser. As for the damaged structures, O'Hern reported, "We have plenty of leverage to ensure all deficient work is corrected this Summer prior to final payment." Rosser echoed his commented, "WCCI has been appropriately responsive and a plan is in place for repairs." As for when work is to begin again on the mountain site, Rosser commented, "As soon as mother nature allows, hopefully work will resume in the next couple of weeks." #oilcity #news