Knife pulled after man talks in movie

(Casper, Wyo.) -On Tuesday, June 1st at approximately 12:46 am Natrona County Sheriffs and officers from the Casper Police Department were dispatched to Talon Drive, the Mesa Movie Theater for a weapons offense. Court records show that upon arrival officers spoke with a male who stated that another man, identified as twenty-seven year old Brian Wilbur had pulled a folding pocket knife on him after a movie. Officers then spoke with Wilbur who stated, he was in the movie preparing to watch a film when the people behind him would not stop talking. Wilbur reportedly turned around and got into a brief argument with them and told them to shut up. Reports continue, after the movie was over Wilbur and a friend were leaving when they found the group of people who were behind them in the parking lot. Reports show that one of the males took off his jacket and began swinging his arms in a motion consistent with warming up for a fight. The male told Wilbur to, "Put his money where his mouth is," and started walking towards Wilbur for a fight. Wilbur then pulled out his pocket knife, according to records, and un-folded the blade. Reports show that he brandished the knife in his right hand and towards the other man. Officers spoke with witnesses at the theater and the other man who stated that when he was leaving the theater with his friends when Wilbur said something to him from behind. An argument ensued. Wilbur then reportedly brought out his pocket knife and pointed it at him. The other male with Wilbur reported in court records that before the movie started that the two exchanged words with the people behind them and Wilbur stated, "You keep talking like that and I'm gonna stick ya." Officers again spoke with Wilbur who stated about pulling out his knife, "I do things so people don't want to mess with me." He was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault. #oilcity #news