Casper Cycling Club continues to climb mountains and put tires on pavement

(Casper, Wyo.) - From spin class to hitting the pavement, the Casper Cycling Club continues to climb mountains and put their tires on pavement. ​Debbi Shutts-Wood, Club President, reported that the club began in 2003 and has grown to around ten members. Not everyone goes on every ride, but their is always a group for an adventure. The club meets every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6:00 pm at Lifetime Fitness to embrace the weather and challenge each other on the road. "We do all kinds of different rides, from an easy 20-50 mile ride from Casper to Glenrock, or much longer rides like Casper to Cheyenne. Every year we try to take a ride Jackson and Grand Teton We are always looking for new riders to join us, it can be challenging at times, but we all push ourselves and never leave anybody behind." ​The rides are generally about two hours long and one member commented that it depends on the wind direction, where they elect to ride. On Monday, Memorial Day, the Casper Cycling Club took a ride from Casper to Douglas to celebrate the holiday. Shutts-Wood stated, "There is safety in numbers when on a road bike. We all ride together and push each other to train harder." The club aims to do more charity rides in the future, and one of their biggest rides was from Casper to Minnesota! ​Club member Bob Thunselle, who has been a long time member, commented, "We all suffer and succeed together. The best thing about this club is the people and the comradely that we build. Getting on a bike with the right mindset will lead you through the ride and you gain the satisfaction of completing your goal." One member mentioned, "The wind is our friend," and called the cycling club a magical group and a mix of different personalities. ​All ages and levels are welcome to join the rides for a new adventure, and the club reiterated that nobody gets left behind, there is always someone (manly Thunselle) who cycles back to check on the group. "The more the merrier," concluded Shutts-Wood. To learn more about the Casper Cycling Club or to join them for a ride, find them on Facebook or contact the club at #oilcity #news