Man starts fire in garbage can at Crossroads Park; Later arrested for incineration prohibition

(Casper, Wyo.) - This morning at 6:00 am the Casper Police Department responded to Crossroads Park along N. Poplar Street for a report of a trash can on fire. The reporting party stated that a male was sitting next to the trash can that was on fire. Upon arrival officers observed a green 55 gallon metal trash can that had fire and smoke coming out of it. Officers made the contact with the male, identified as Nicholas Hisle walking away from from the fire and bringing a tree branch to the fire. Officers spoke with Hisle who stated that he had started the fire in the trash can and was watching it burn along with the sunrise, according to court records. He added that he was homeless and spent the night in one of the softball dugouts, but got cold and started the fire. He reported that he had started the fire that night and continued to add beer boxes to keep it burning. Reports continue to show that officers explained to Hisle that he can not start a garbage can fire in city parks and he was taken into custody and arrested for incineration prohibition. #oilcity #news