Christmas in June? CPD arrests two for public intoxication

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Thursday at 9:23 am Casper Police Officers were dispatched to the bike/walking path near South Wolcott for a report of two men laying on the ground. Once on scene, officers observed three citizens walking around two gentleman who were laying halfway on the bike path and halfway on the grass. One citizen stated, "They have been here all morning like this." Reports show that officers made contact with the males. The male with a long white beard's pants were pulled down exposing his underwear. Officers identified the male as Daniel Closs from previous public intoxication arrests. The second male was also identified as Michael Brown. Officers called out to the males numerous times before the man with the beard replied, "Yeah I'm Santa Closs and this is America and I am not doing anything wrong." Officers found a 750 ml bottle of Premium Potters Vodka that was 3/4 empty next to the males. Officers asked the males if they had been drinking and they stated that they had not been and refused a portable breath test. Reports show that Closs turned over and looked at officers and stated, "Boy, you think you are gun smoke, don't you? This is America and I can drink and sleep on the ground if I want to." Closs was told by officers that he was in violation of several laws, including public intoxication and open container. Michael Brown and Closs were both arrested and charged with public intoxication and open container violations. #oilcity #news