3rd Annual Ghost Town Gumbo Cook Off in full swing in the Oil City

If you are anywhere near the Casper Events Center parking lot today you'll definitely be able to smell the delightful aroma from the 3rd annual Ghost Town Gumbo Cook off. The 2016 Gumbo teams chose to cook a seafood gumbo or an all meat gumbo today for competition, or they could have chosen both! If you are unsure what gumbo is, it is a stew that originated in southern Louisiana and consists primarily of flavored stock, meat or shellfish and veggies. Better yet, if you really want to find out what gumbo is, head to the Casper Events parking lot today and try some gumbo for yourself! [image: 20160604_104823.jpg] The parking lot is filled with vendors, a beer garden, live music, a car show and of course the 2016 Gumbo teams. Money raised from today's event goes to benefit the National Historic Trails Center Foundation. There are also over $5,000 in prizes offered for the 2016 Gumbo champs. [image: 20160604_104316.jpg] The gates opened today at 11:00 am, gumbo tasting begins at noon and awards will be given around 3:00 pm. Entry fees are $10.00, kids under 6 are free. This event is over today at 3:00 pm. [image: 20160604_104339.jpg][image: 20160604_104547.jpg] #ferrell #oilcity #news