Big and bigger guns this year's annual Machine Gun and Cannon Shoot

Normally, when we think of guns and family, we’re plotting against our in-laws, but the members of the Wyoming NFA Shooters Club have managed to combine the two in a peaceful way to create the 19th annual Northern Rockies Machine Gun and Cannon Shoot. Shooters and spectators alike have all gathered for a weekend of food, fun and firearms. Starting on Friday evening and going all the way until 12:00 pm on Sunday, this was an event designed for the whole family to shoot, buy and admire a wide-array of modern and vintage firearms, including machine guns, cannons and even a tank. [image: image11.jpeg] Event creator and current president of the Shooters Club John Lampert said that this event started years ago, when it was just him and his buddies. “Years ago there was a group of us people in or around Casper that had automatic weapons and every summer we’d get together for a weekend and just go play and more and more people heard about it," he said. "More and more people showed up, so eventually we had to get formal, get insurance and make it a real event, and it’s just grown from there.” [image: image2.jpeg] Grow it has, as the event now offers up to 70 spots for shooters and has welcomed thousands of spectators over the course of the weekend. People from all over Wyoming and its neighboring areas have come to “the gun show,” as it’s been called, and they’ve all brought their families. Dave Lansky of Phoenix Arizona came up for the weekend with his son, in order to teach him while he’s young how to have a good time, but also how to be safe while handling such powerful weaponry. Lansky said that he has come to this event for many years because “…It’s a great location, the weather is great, the people are great; you couldn’t have any more fun.” Hearing Protection is heavily advised, as the artillery here was extremely loud, and incredibly close. Lansky fired off an M-134 G Mini Gun at a 600-round burst, and the sound reverberated for miles. But man, it sure looked cool! [image: image10.jpeg] As fun as the event is, it also benefits a great cause- the Casper Mountain Volunteer Fire Department. Cathy Lambert, who many refer to as the real “boss” of the event said that the reason they chose the CMFD is because “They’re volunteers. They don’t get a lot of money, ya know? So we have managed, over the years, to be able to get them a fire truck and will continue to help out as much as we can in the coming years.” [image: image5.jpeg] Next year promises to be even bigger and better, as it’s the organization’s 20th anniversary. For Cathy, this is an event that feels like coming home again, if home, ya know, housed a mini-militia operative. “If you want to have fun and not spend hundreds of dollars on vacation…this is fun. It’s family-oriented and you’ll meet some very very awesome people. I’ve been doing this for 17 years and it’s almost like a family reunion.” The event is open to the public one more day this year, starting at 8:00 pm and going until 12:00 pm on Sunday. For more information, visit #perkins #oilcity #news