Aleka Blair celebrates 11th birthday giving back to kids in need

*(Casper, Wyo.) -* Aleka Blair, an 11 year old Park Elementary student, is doing all she can to help kids around the world. Last year, Aleka spent her 10-year-old birthday giving back to Mercy Medical Mission by collecting a box full of coloring books and crayons to send to the children in need. “I just wanted to do something for the kids. We really like to color here and we wanted to share that with them,” said Aleka. This year, Aleka celebrated her birthday no different. Instead of receiving birthday presents, Aleka asked for toothbrushes and toothpaste to send to the Mercy Medical Mission. She made the decision after hearing that most people use sticks as toothbrushes in this area. ​The goal was to collect 350 toothbrushes, but thanks to Deer Creek Dental, Hilltop Family Dental, Cassity Dental Arts, and the awesome patients of Wind City Physical Therapy, over 500 toothbrushes have been collected! You can help Aleka reach her new goal of 1,000 toothbrushes by stopping by Wind City Physical Therapy now through June 10th to drop off your donations. What a heart of gold you have, Aleka! Wind City Physical Therapy is located at 1541 Centennial Ct., Casper, WY! 307-235-3910 #windcitypt #sponsored #news #oilcity