Arrests from around Natrona County

(Casper, Wyo.) - Here is a recap of law enforcement arrests from around Natrona County over the weekend. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Natrona County District Attorney's Office. *Arrests* *Casper Police Department* Lindsay C Adams, Casper, NCIC hit. Nathan L Arias, Casper, Criminal Warrant. Haunna S Bennett, Casper, trespassing. Dvonte J Bradley, Casper, failure to appear. Evalena Brown, Evansville, public intoxication. Marcus D Brown Jr., Casper, failure to comply. Female Juvenile Offender, shoplifting, interference w/PO. Demetrius A Campbell, Casper, public intoxication. Elizabeth A Curfman, Casper, possession of controlled substance. Scott D Eitel, Casper, failure to appear. Cody R Fontenot, Casper, Criminal Warrant. Byron L Friday, Fort Washakie, public intoxication, aggressive solicitation. Shawn K Gangwash, Casper, domestic assault, breach of peace. Marlene P Gould, Casper, failure to appear. Jaime H Hernandez-Reyna, Casper, DWUS, driving without interlock. Joshua T Jenkins, Casper, possession of controlled substance. Kacey L Kinney, Casper, DWUI. Blake A Lewis, Casper, simple assault. Meagan A Logan, Casper, failure to appear. Kayla R Lusch, Natrona County, DWUI. Justin J Mauth, Casper, interference. Daniel E Miller, Casper, public intoxication. Jeffrey A Reed, Casper, urinate or defecate in public. Carl J Renfro, Natrona County, failure to appear, failure to comply, possession of controlled substance. Damien J Rose, Casper, shoplifting, failure to appear, possession of marijuana. Kendra R Runsabove, Casper, public intoxication. Timothy J Schnepper, Casper, county warrant/hold for agency. Amanda L Sharkey, Casper, possession of controlled substance, public intoxication. David L Smith Jr., Casper, failure to appear. Female Juvenile Offender, shoplifting, interference w/PO. Bennie L Steward, Casper, DWUI. Casey N Teakell, Casper, DWUS, possession of controlled substance, county warrant. Trae M Wagar, Casper, possession of controlled substance. Rodney R Walker, Casper, public intoxication. Jerome J Whitewolf, Casper, public intoxication, aggressive solicitation, shoplifting. James D Young, Bar Nunn, driving without interlock. *Wyoming Highway Patrol* Bryce A Dacus, DWUI. *Natrona County Sheriff's Office* Garrett P Grahl, domestic assault. Tyler J Peters, serving weekends. Matthew J Feronti, serve jail time. Jake C Stafford, hold for WSP. Misty D Pomeroy, criminal entry, criminal trespass, unathortized use of vehicle. *Mills Police Department* Connor W Farley, failure to comply, failure to appear, interference w/PO, possession of controlled substance. *Evansville Police Department* Colt D Adams, county warrant/hold for agency. #oilcity #news