The art of ... window dressing?

When one thinks of blinds (yes, the things that block sunlight from destroying you on the Sunday morning after a particularly long night before), one does not automatically correlate them with ‘art.’ For local artist Adam Jackson, however, that’s exactly where his head goes. And now he wants to share his art with Casper. This Monday night at 7:00 pm, Metro Coffee Company will host Jackson as he unveils a collection of photographs exploring the surprisingly vast world of window dressings. He will also be discussing his new business, Wyoming Blinds and Shutters. Pastry chef Annabell Richardson will offer a wide-array of truffles and other assorted goodies, as well. Plus, as always, local baristas will be on hand to provide a variety of hot and cold drinks. The photography exhibit, entitled The Art of Window Dressing, will be on display from June 6-July 11, so if you’re not able to make it to the premiere, be sure to stop by throughout the month to check out the stunningly beautiful photography of Adam Jackson, as he shows off a world that has otherwise gone seemingly unnoticed. Indeed, Jackson has put the ‘shutter’ in Wyoming Blinds and Shutters (that joke only works if you know that the shutter is part of a camera). #perkins #oilcity #news