Eighteen year old man facing three felony charges following hit and run incident

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Friday, June 3rd at approximately 10:40 am Casper Police Investigators were assigned to investigate a possible intentional accident with injuries near 15th and Glendale Avenue. Officers were advised that a vehicle had struck the base of a ladder while an individual was on top of the ladder. Officers arrived on scene and made contact with the victim and spoke with witnesses. Witnesses described the vehicle as a silver or gold passenger car resembling a Ford Taurus. One of the witnesses stated that he was at the base of an extension ladder and another male was at the top of the ladder about 20 feet from the ground. The male was reportedly working on trimming the branches of a tree. Reports show that witnesses heard the sound of a car engine racing and saw a gold-colored passenger car with Wyoming plates speeding North on Glendale. The witnesses told the driver to slow down and the driver was described as an African-American male with a black cap on backwards. The witness heard sound of the tires screeching to a halt, looked up and saw the gold passenger car slide to a stop at the intersection of 15th and Glendale. Witnesses saw the vehicle turn around and drive towards the ladder. Reports show that the vehicle swerved towards them, drive onto the curb and hit the base of the ladder. Reports show that the vehicle came within a foot of two witnesses. Reports show that the vehicle then left the scene. The Casper Police Department later located the vehicle, a 2003 Gold Mercury, registered to a female. Officers spoke with the female who advised that her vehicle had been stolen earlier in the day. The suspect, identified as eighteen year old Deonate Paul, turned himself in to authorities. Officers spoke with Paul who reported in court records, that he took his girlfriend's car without her knowledge. He drove past a male and a female standing at the curb and a male at the top of a ladder on Glendale Street. He reported that the female yelled and waived her arms as he drove by. Reports continue to show that Paul then drove his vehicle back up Glendale and approached the male and female, he reported that the male smashed the windshield of vehicle and he then accelerated away. He believed he had hit someone at the time but did not think he hit the ladder. He then sped away from the scene and exited the vehicle. Following the investigation officers arrested and charged Paul with three felony charges of aggravated assault. Today during his initial appearance, Paul did not enter a plea to the felony charges and his bond was set at $50,000. #oilcity #news