WMC cuts come from thirty different areas

(Casper, Wyo.) - Today a group of twelve Wyoming Medical Center staff members along with Casper City Manager VH McDonald sat in as Wyoming Medical Center President, Vickie Diamond delivered the devastating news. Diamond reported, "Today we completed a cut of fifty-eight employees. Everyone will receive sixty days of pay and career transitions and counseling." She went on to report that WMC has not filled fifty-seven positions since January for a total of 115 positions that will not be filled. The cuts today will save the hospital $7.2 million. At least one of the employees laid off has been employed by WMC for twenty years, according to Diamond. At the beginning of the year, WMC, aimed to cut 10% of employees in thirty different areas with a goal of $10.7 million to be reduced. At this point they have achieved $8.4 million of that goal. Yvonne Wigington, WMC Chief Financial Advisor reported today, "We hope to achieve this goal by looking into standardized medical supplies and looking into re-negotiations. By taking early action we will work to continue to provide efficient and effective care to the community." She reported that she does not foresee any more layoffs this year. With a current staff of 1,000 employees at Wyoming Medical Center, Chairman of the Wyoming Medical Center board, John Masterson commented, "This downturn in the economy has come all to frequently, forcing everyone to tighten our belts. We all have to make these hard decisions." Masterson continued to comment that WMC remains the second largest employer in Casper and we continue to be a great asset to the community. "Nothing that has happened today is easy." Diamond reported that if Wyoming had taken on Medicaid Expansion, the hospital would have had another $2 million to work with. Masterson spoke about the benefits of Medicaid Expansion and how he has worked with the Wyoming Legislatures to educate them about the program. #oilcity #news