Passion for childhood education fuels local entrepreneur

Leah Stover of Casper has studied early childhood education, owner a home day care, and is passionate about children and watching them grow. And she is putting that passion into her business, The Knowledge Nook. Leah is the owner and gets help from her husband, Patrick. Leah and her husband purchased the book store, which was formerly known as Tomcats Learning, from the previous owners in September 2012. Since then, the couple has revamped and redesigned the business to cater to their vision of selling books and benefiting the community. Leah states that her goal for The Knowledge Nook is that she wants to be a resource for parents who are looking for a fun educational toy or resources and activities to help children who are struggling with any aspect of the learning process. Leah and Patrick’s passion for children and their learning process is well reflected in the The Knowledge Nook’s Mission Statement, which is as follows. “At The KnowledgeNook, it is our goal to promote and encourage learning through reading and play. It is our belief that children learn best when engaged in activities that capture their imagination, spark curiosity, and direct their energy towards exploration and discovery.” Leah and Patrick encourage and promote their mission statement with many activities at the store that they organize for children. One of these activities is the Lego Parties, where students can register for a fee, which is put on by Ann Rerko. These classes are offered throughout the summer and during the school year. Another activity, beginning in July, will be Children’s Story Times. This event will take place every other Saturday at 11:30. Patrick and Leah themselves have two daughters, Tiana, 9,and Kaylee, 4. Their two girls sometimes help at the store and love to try out all the newest books and toys. #davis #oilcity #news