Seven high school grads inspire the young Eagles at Evansville Elementary

(Casper, Wyo.) - Today marks the last day of the school season for many Natrona County School students. The students at Evansville Elementary celebrated with a few special guests from KWHS and NCHS. Seven 2016 graduated seniors donned their graduation gowns and walked down the aisle to show the Eagles of Evansville where they could be in a few years. The students provided some words of encouragement to the students including, "Don't take life too seriously, and look at everything as a joke," said one of the KWHS seniors. Kelly Walsh Principal Brad Diller also attended the celebration and shared four tips to success for the youngsters: 1. Try Like Crazy. 2. Be Nice. 3. Be on Time. 4. Come to School Everyday. "If you do these four things, it's pretty easy, you will see yourself up here very soon," said Diller. The senior students stayed to talk with the young fourth and fifth grade Eagles in the classroom. ​ #oilcity #news