Wyoming summer camp reaches its 30th year

Haven on the Rock, headed by Casper resident Susan Karavitis, is a children’s camp and outreach ministry based in the Christian aith. Founded 30 years ago, it is supported by various groups, individuals, business, and patrons. However, it is not a vacation bible school-like activity, it is more of a summer camp with fun and interesting activities children can take part in. [image: haven on the rock horses.png] The focus of the camp, however, is not merely religious. Children can also participate in a variety of fun “wild west” themed activities, such as horseback riding, shooting, and rock climbing. Kids aged K-12 can attend the camp, and each week, beginning June 9th and ending August 5th, is dedicated to a different age group. [image: zip lining.png] The camp is not exclusive to children raised in a church going environment. It is open to anyone, regardless of gender, background, finances, or ability. During the week at camp, children are supervised by staff leadership, which is made up of both teenagers and adults. Haven on the Rock is located outside Fort Laramie and costs for a student to attend for a full week. [image: summer swimming fun.png] *photos h/t Alecia Blakeley* #davis #oilcity #news