Do the JO-JO; a How-To video with Backwards Distilling Company

*Greetings, are you over the age of 21? If so, then please enter, the show is about to begin...* *(Casper, Wyo.) *- The Jo-Jo will be your new favorite summer drink -- we're sure of it. Learn how to make one of the most popular drinks on Backwards Distilling Company's new menu and up your backyard BBQ game. It's a thirst quenching citrus cocktail that highlights their rum's tequila barrel finish. Ingredients include rum, grapefruit, simple syrup and salt on the rim: Transcend the world of ordinary drink and enter the Backwards Realm, where amazing sensations await you with every sip! Through carefully orchestrated chaos, Backwards Distilling Company brings together the finest ingredients to create small batches of spectacular spirits!