Driver pushes another vehicle approx. 120 feet along Crimson Dawn Road

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - On June 9th, at approximately 12:10 am Natrona County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a residence on Crimson Dawn Road for a report that a male, identified as Zachery Bridgeman, had rammed a vehicle with a white Ford truck and then left the area. According to reports, deputies observed a white Ford truck parked on the side of Casper Mountain Road near the intersection of Mary Hester as they were responding to the call. When a NCSO Deptuy approached blacked out vehicle, the lights turned on and the truck drove away towards town. The deputy turned around and followed the vehicle. The deputy initiated his lights for a traffic stop and the vehicle continued down the mountain. Reports show that the vehicle came to a stop near 29th Street. The deputy approached the vehicle and the driver refused to roll down his window with his cell phone in his ear, and the driver drove away. Several Casper Police Officers picked up the driver at the intersection of Casper Mountain Road and College Drive. The deputy returned up the mountain to the original call on Crimson Dawn Road. Court records show that upon arrival the deputy saw broken glass and broken pieces of red of a red vehicle and a broken bumper in the area. The deputy spoke with the woman at the residence who reported in court records: She lived at the residence that was owned by another. That evening, the woman returned to the residence and noticed a white Ford truck in the driveway, which was recently purchased by Bridgeman who she knew.. She reported that she saw Bridgeman walk from the trees and get into the truck as she continued to drive by. Bridgeman then drove his truck and slammed into the back of her vehicle. Reports show that he continued to push the vehicle for a distance. The woman feared her car would overturn and she would die. Reports continue to show that she 'floored' the accelerator in an attempt to get away and she turned into a nearby driveway. Bridgeman backed his truck off, broke away, and left the area northbound on Crimson Dawn Road. The woman continued to a neighbor's driveway and honked her horn for help and notified authorities. Deputies photographed the scene of tire marks, debris , and the the vehicles involved and logged it all into evidence. They measured the distance of of the debris to the broken bumper, and it was measured 120 feet, according to records. Bridgemen was taken into custody and may face pending charges of reckless endangering, eluding police, reckless driving and felony property damage. #oilcity #news