Bizarre behavior at Pathfinder leads to vehicle chase; Male arrested by Natrona County Sheriffs

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - On Thursday, June 9th at approximately 8:52 pm Natrona County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a call of a tan Chevy Trailblazer disturbing the peace and driving crazy at the Weiss Campground at Pathfinder Reservoir. While Deputies were en route to the call to Pathfinder, another person reported to dispatch that the same male was beating on wood and rocks like a cave man. The male would be loud, aggressive towards objects and then drive to another location in the area. Reports continue to show that the male at times talked with an Australian accent and then like a baby. One caller believed the male was under the influence and armed with a firearm. Deputies recognized the car and male description from previous incidents, and they believed the male was Kenneth Koons. Reports show that deputies drove around the area of Pathfinder and Alcova until approximately 9:43 pm when they met the suspect vehicle just before Cardwell Road on Fremont Canyon Road. A traffic stop was then initiated, and the suspect accelerated and pulled away from deputies. Reports show that he drove in excess of 90 mph at times, passed two vehicles in no passing zones and did not maintain his lane of travel. The pursuit continued just passed Black Beach Road and onto Hwy 220 towards Casper. Reports show that law enforcement caught up to the vehicle just South of Clark Road on 220. The vehicle slowed down and deputies approached cautiously due to reports of a firearm. The suspect, identified as forty-one year old Kenneth Koons, rolled up his window, showed deputies his hands and cranked up the music. Court records show that Koons unlocked the door and deputies ordered him to the ground. Koons continued to fight with deputies until threatened with a taser. He was handcuffed and arrested around 10:03 pm and transported to NCDC and booked for eluding, careless driving, interference, no proof of insurance, improper registration and breach of peace. #oilcity #news