Two Natrona County Sheriffs stop to check on 'hitchhiking family'

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - It looked like Bismark or Bust to NC Sheriff Deputies as they patrolled Amoco Road Thursday morning. A Casper family, the Barellas, were captured Thursday, June 9th along Amoco Road by Natrona County Sheriff's Deputies for, what appeared to be hitchhiking. Courtney Barella‎ reported that the family had stopped to take a fun family picture along the road before their Summer road trip. Two Natrona County Sheriff Deputies pulled along the side of the road to check on them. NCSO Sgt. Aaron Shatto commented about the incident, "Certainly as one of our duties, we will always stop to render aid to any motorists or anybody who appears to need assistance along the roadways in Natrona County. I commend Deputy Shawn Ellis and Deputy Taylor Courtney for stopping to provide assistance." Barella captured a great photo, as well as a great story about our local law enforcement. "Right after taking this photo (one of my crazy ideas lol) two sheriffs stopped and asked if we needed any help. Thank you for your concern and for keeping our community safe!" said Barella. Great shot indeed and h/t to NC Sheriff's Deputies, Shawn Ellis and Taylor Courtney! Feature Photo: h/t Courtney Barella/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news