Man arrested for public indecency for allegedly exposing himself at Eastside Wal-Mart

(Casper, Wyo.) - Early Monday (today) morning at approximately 3:04 am Casper Police Officers were dispatched to the Eastside Wal-Mart in Casper for a report of an indecent exposure incident. Court records show that dispatch advised that there was a male in the store exposing himself and that he had exposed himself to a Wal-Mart employee as well as a shopper. The male was reported about twenty or thirty years old and wearing a blue shirt and black shorts. The reporting party advised that the man was going back and forth from the men's and women's apparel and was currently in the little girls department of the store. Reports show that once on scene, officers made contact with the RP and a Wal- Mart Manager. Officers checked the reported locations of the store and located the described male. He identified himself to officers as thirty-five year old Bruce Brooker. Brooker told officers that he was just shopping, in court records. One of the witnesses in the store who contacted law enforcement stated that she was walking in the store when she observed Brooker walk out of an aisle and was walking towards her. She stated that she observed something on the front of Brooker's shorts and had to do a double take before realizing that he had his genitals exposed. Officers again spoke with Brooker who claimed that he was in the store for ten minutes and that his phone was too heavy and may have caused his shorts to fall down a little bit. Officers had Brooker walk around with his phone in his shorts and noticed no slippage of his shorts. The investigation continued, according to court records, it was learned by officers that Brooker had no credit cards or money to purchase anything in the store. It was later learned that he was currently on probation for a similar incident and based on witness testimonies and video footage, Brooker was arrested and charged with public indecency. #oilcity #news