Phase 1 nearing completion of the Casper Mountain Biathlon course

(Casper, Wyo.) - The Casper Mountain Biathlon reports that Phase 1 of the biathlon course atop Casper Mountain is nearing completion. The 10 km of trails have been completed. and 17 of 30 targets have been installed. Some drainage improvements to the venue and parking areas are being designed and will be completed Wayne Coleman Construction Inc. (WCCI )by the end of the month or first part of July. The wooden wing walls on Tunnel 2 have been removed and re-graded with soil. The side slopes will be seeded and boulders placed around the base. The firing line and target line concrete work will be completed this Summer along with the associate electrical and lighting. "We are working on seeding and matting of steeper slopes and should finish that work soon. All storm water control measures are in place in accordance with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WYDEQ) approved Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. WYDEQ has inspected the best management practices for storm-water protection with no areas of concern noted," reported the Casper Mountain Biathlon Club. Inspections are to continue until the disturbed areas has been re-vegetated. Anticipated for later this summer, the club hopes to bid and install 2.5 km of asphalt roller ski trails which will help facilitate year-round use of the facility, gravel the parking lot, and have a permanent toilet installed. Fro more information please contact the Casper Mountain Biathlon Club at 307-277-0318. Feature Photo: h/t Casper Mountain Biathlon Club/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news