NCSD approves five parent excused absences in attendance policy; Parent/ Principal intervention to follow

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - "Do we have to go to school mom?" Yes, yes you do, Natrona County School District unanimously approved the new Attendance Policy on it's second reading Monday night at the Central Services Facility. The Board Policy committee brought forward the final version of Board Policy 5120: Attendance . According to the policy: 1. Teachers and adults are expected to be on time and present each day, just as the kids are. 2. At the High School level, students are granted five parent excused absences in each class. 3. After five parent excused absences, parents and students will receive a letter to set up a mandatory intervention with the principal/designated staff member. 4. At the Elementary and Middle School levels, five parent excused absences will be allowed per semester. 5. After five parent excused absences, a mandatory intervention will be set up with parents and school staff/principal. Click Here to read the full policy . #oilcity #news