Nineteen year old male enters not guilty plea to first degree sexual abuse of a minor charge

(Casper, Wyo.) - This morning nineteen year old, Gage Markgraf entered a not guilty plea to the single charge of first degree sexual abuse of a minor. According to court records, in June of 2015 the Wyoming Department of Family Services reported to Natrona County Sheriffs that a twelve year old female was pregnant and she believed the father was a seventeen year old male, identified as Gage Markgraf. On following day in June, according to reports, the female spoke at the Child's Advocacy Project and reported that she lived with Markgraf and his family for a period of time. She reported that in January 2015 she was staying at the same house with Markgraf, and while in the same house, the two had a conversation on Facebook about having sex and would later have intercourse in a bedroom closet. Reports continue to show that the female described herself as being 'too young' to have sex. It was later learned that she was pregnant and DNA reports show that Markgraf was the biological father. If convicted of the crime, Markgraf could face up to fifty years in prison, he is currently out on bond. #oilcity #news