Casper Police Officers arrest panhandler along 2nd street with a wild sign

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Monday, June 13 at approximately 4:00 pm Casper Police Officers made contact with a panhandler in the area of 2nd Street and Scott Hill Drive. According to court records, the male was identified as Steven Oldham. Officers issued Oldman a citation for soliciting on streets and highways and warned him about engaging in illegal activity in the future. On Wednesday, June 14th at approximately 7:30 am officers passed the same male in the same area, again holding a cardboard sign for passing motorists. The officer made contact with the male and noted that the sign he was holding was very similar to the one that was confiscated previously. The sign read, "Unemployed Bank Robber my clown mask is in the pawn shop," Oldman agreed he was there holding the sign with the intention of obtaining money from passing motorists. Reports continue to show that Oldman was placed under arrest for solicitation and transported to NCDC. During the book in at the jail,officers located a small cellophane baggie which contained a green leafy substance, recognized as marijuana. The substance was tested and determined to be marijuana. Oldman was arrested and charged with solicitation and possession of marijuana. #oilcity #news