Let 'em buck! Casper Air Modelers host first ever Western States Drone Rodeo

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - The College National Finals Rodeo is not the only rodeo soaring this weekend in the Oil City. Casper Air Modelers is hosting a first for Wyoming, the first ever Western States Drone Rodeo! The air modelers have partnered with the Casper Sports Alliance to put on the rodeo this Saturday at the Air Modeler's facility. Check-in for the 'air-rodeo' begins at 8:00 am and the competition begins at 9:00 am. Rodoers can compete in drone racing, an obstacle course and a skills challenge. The events will be both first person view (FVP) and line of sight. - FPV is where pilot wears electronic goggles and view the course from the drone’s perspective. - Line of sight is where the pilot controls the drone from a stationary point watching the drone. The event is sanctioned by the Academy of Model Aeronautics and all racers will receive a free three-month membership to the AMA. The obstacle course will be set up at the facility that will feature pylons and arches which the drones will fly through and more than one drone at a time will be on the race course. This type of flying will provide pilots the opportunity to show-off their skills. Drones can reach speeds up to 50-miles-per-hour and the course will require pilots to navigate 90-degree turns during the race. The fun is an unlimited event where drones of all shapes and sizes can compete. Qualifying rounds will lead to the crowning of six first-place champions. To compete, their is a fee, but to watch is free to the public. Casper Air Modelers facility located on E Road near the Casper Events Center and the Casper Speedway. For more information contact John Giantonio at 307-234-5362. Feature Photo: h/t Communities