Local business works to assist the community following string of vandalism

(Casper, Wyo)- The guys at Wyoming Automotive at 801 West Yellowstone have reached out a helping hand or a can of paint solvent to assist many who were victimized by a recent string of vandalism on the West end of town. Wyoming Automotive Manager Ben Meyer commented, "It is a pretty simple fix for us and we have been a bit slow with the construction taking place outside our doors and with the economy. This is one way we are working to give back to the community and get some people in the door." Meyer mentioned that the paint comes off in about fifty minutes but mentioned that the longer the paint stays on the vehicle the harder it is to remove. They are currently doing the work free of charge just to help save some for those who were tagged. "It keeps us busy and helps some people out," said Meyer. They are open M-F from 8-5. #oilcity #news